Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–101.03. General duties of Mayor.

It shall be the duty of the Mayor of the District of Columbia at all times of the day and night within the boundaries of said Police District:

(1) To preserve the public peace;

(2) To prevent crime and arrest offenders;

(3) To protect the rights of persons and of property;

(4) To guard the public health;

(5) To preserve order at every public election;

(6) To remove nuisances existing in the public streets, roads, alleys, highways, and other places;

(7) To provide a proper police force at every fire, in order that thereby the firemen and property may be protected;

(8) To protect strangers and travelers at steamboat and ship landings and railway stations;

(9) To see that all laws relating to the observance of Sunday, and regarding pawnbrokers, mock auctions, elections, gambling, intemperance, lottery dealers, vagrants, disorderly persons, and the public health, are promptly enforced; and

(10) To enforce and obey all laws and ordinances in force in the District, or any part thereof, which are properly applicable to police or health, and not inconsistent with the provisions of this title. The police shall, as far as practicable, aid in the enforcement of garbage regulations.