Code of the District of Columbia

§ 48–831.21. Establishment of AccessRx for the low-income elderly.

(a) The Department shall conduct a program to provide low-cost prescription and nonprescription drugs, medications, and medical supplies to low-income elderly individuals (“AccessRx for low-income elderly”).

(b) The Director shall provide sufficient personnel to ensure efficient administration of the program. The extent and magnitude of the program shall be determined by the Director on the basis of the calculated need of the recipient population and the available funds.

(c) The Department may not spend more on this program than is available through appropriations from the General Fund, dedicated revenue, federal or other grants, and other established and committed funding sources. The Director may accept, for the purpose of carrying out this program:

(1) Federal funds appropriated under any federal law relating to the furnishing of free or low-cost drugs to elderly individuals, and may take such action as is necessary for the purposes of carrying out that federal law; and

(2) Funds that may be available from any other agency of government, individual, group, or corporation.