Code of the District of Columbia

§ 48–804.02. Restraints of trade.

Any person who, by any means, interferes with, prevents, discourages, or attempts to interfere with, prevent, or discourage: (1) any disclosure of, or attempt to disclose, or action necessary to disclose, substantially accurate prices, discounts, services, or other information concerning any prescription drug, whether or not such disclosure is authorized or directed in this chapter, or is through any media or other form of communication, or is made or to be made by any publisher, broadcaster, pharmacy, pharmacist, advertiser, drug manufacturer, wholesaler, or chain, government agency, or any other person; or (2) any retail drug price-setting, substitution, or marketing policy or action required, encouraged or permitted by, or consistent with this chapter; has committed a restraint of trade, and has caused a tortious injury in the District of Columbia as described in § 13-423(a)(3) and (4), and shall be liable for treble civil damages to each and every person (including a pharmacy or pharmacist), health insurer, and government agency the object of or injured by such interference, prevention, discouragement, or attempt to interfere, prevent, or discourage. Any action which jeopardizes in any way, or raises the net price of, the supply from manufacturers or wholesalers of drugs to any pharmacy, government agency, health insurer, or person providing or paying for a drug in the District may comprise such an interference, prevention, discouragement, or attempt.