Code of the District of Columbia

§ 48–801.02. Posters to be furnished pharmacies; contents.

Ten days prior to each issue date, the Office of Consumer Protection shall furnish to each pharmacy in the District a poster suitable for display of a type style and size so as to be easily readable at a reasonable distance, which:

(1) Lists the 100 most commonly used prescription drugs in 2 commonly prescribed quantities, with space for the current selling price of each quantity;

(2) Lists professional and convenience services, with space for each pharmacy to indicate:

(A) Whether it offers each service; and

(B) The additional charge, if any, for that service;

(3) Contains a heading stating “OUR CURRENT PRESCRIPTION PRICES” and containing spaces for the insertion of the name and address of each pharmacy;

(4) Indicates in simple language that:

(A) The price of a prescription drug is often different at different pharmacies, and that the consumer may want to make a comparison on the cost of a prescription;

(B) The pharmacy may be able to substitute a less expensive drug which is therapeutically equivalent to the one prescribed by the consumer’s doctor, unless the consumer does not approve; and

(C) The consumer has the right to know the exact price of a prescription before it is filled; and

(5) Provides space for each pharmacy to indicate the eligibility and terms of any discount it offers on legend drugs.