Code of the District of Columbia

§ 48–314. Appointment and duties of Food Policy Director.

(a) The Mayor shall appoint a Food Policy Director ("Director") within the Office of Planning with the advice and consent of the Council of the District of Columbia to promote equitable and sustainable food policies across the District that increase food access and build a local food economy.

(b) The Director shall:

(1) Collaborate with other jurisdictions to promote locally-grown and sustainable food production practices;

(2) Seek outside grants, recognition, and partnerships to facilitate positive food policy in the District;

(3) Provide assistance to participants in the local food economy in securing necessary permits and approvals and in navigating the regulatory process;

(4) Advocate for new local food economy ventures to locate in the District;

(5) Devise strategies for the District to meet the food goals identified in the Sustainable DC Plan issued by the Mayor in 2013; and

(6) Work with relevant agencies to reduce regulatory burdens on the local food economy.