Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–831. Omitted properties; void assessments; notice and appeal.

(a) If the Department of Finance and Revenue shall learn that any property liable to taxation has been omitted from the assessment for any previous year or years, or has been so assessed that the assessment made was void, it shall be a duty at once to reassess this property for each and every year for which it has escaped assessment and taxation, and report the same, through the Assessor, to the Collector of Taxes who shall at once proceed to collect the taxes so in arrears as other taxes are collected; provided, that no property which has escaped assessment and taxation shall be liable under this section for a period of more than 3 years prior to such assessment, except in the case of property involved in litigation. In addition to the duties of the Assessor hereinbefore provided, it shall be the duty of the Assessor upon reassessment as herein provided to notify the owner by writing of the fact of such reassessment. An owner aggrieved by a reassessment made under this section may , within 45 days from the date of the notice, petition for an administrative review of the reassessment and appeal from a final determination thereof, to the same extent as if the appeal were filed under 47-825.01a(d)(2).

(b) This section shall not apply when the owner has a duty to notify the Collector of Taxes of the cessation of eligibility for a deduction, classification, exemption, or deferral.