Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–4660. GALA Hispanic Theatre; Lot 79, Square 2837.

(a) Real property taxes assessed against Lot 79, Square 2837 in excess of the amount of taxes levied for tax year 2005 shall be abated to the extent that the excess is allocable to the portion of the property leased to the Grupo de Artistas Latinoamericanos, G.A.L.A., Inc., also known as the GALA Hispanic Theatre (“GALA”), under the terms of its lease, so long as such portion is leased to GALA and is used for the purpose of producing and staging live theatre performances; provided, that the benefit of this abatement shall be passed on to GALA in the form of reduced rent equal to the amount of the abatement.

(b) Both GALA and its landlord shall provide to the Office of Tax and Revenue (“OTR”), at the time and in the manner directed by OTR, the information as OTR may consider necessary to determine the amount of the abatement allowable for a taxable year and to verify eligibility for the abatement.

(c) The abatement provided under this section shall apply beginning with tax year 2011. If the property becomes ineligible for the abatement, the abatement shall end at the beginning of the month following the month that the property becomes ineligible.