Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–340.04. Details of each series of bonds.

(a) The Mayor is authorized to take any action necessary or appropriate in accordance with this subchapter in connection with the preparation, execution, issuance, sale, delivery, security for, and payment of each series of bonds, including, but not limited to, determinations of:

(1) The final form, content, designation, and terms of the bonds, including a determination that such bonds may be issued in certificate or book entry form;

(2) The principal amount of the bonds to be issued and denominations of the bonds;

(3) The rate or rates of interest or the method for determining the rate or rates of interest on the bonds;

(4) The date or dates of issuance, sale, and delivery of, and the payment of interest on the bonds, and the maturity date or dates of such bonds;

(5) The terms under which the bonds may be paid, optionally or mandatorily redeemed, accelerated, tendered, called, or put for redemption, repurchase, or remarketing before their respective stated maturities;

(6) Provisions for the registration, transfer, and exchange of each series of bonds and the replacement of mutilated, lost, stolen, or destroyed bonds;

(7) The creation of any reserve fund, sinking fund, or other fund with respect to the bonds;

(8) The time and place of payment of the bonds;

(9) Procedures for monitoring the use of the proceeds received from the sale of the bonds to ensure that they are properly applied to their respective project and used to accomplish the purposes of the Home Rule Act;

(10) Actions necessary to qualify the bonds under blue sky laws of any jurisdiction where the bonds are marketed; and

(11) The terms and types of credit enhancement under which the bonds may be secured.

(b) The bonds shall contain a legend, which shall provide that the bonds shall be special obligations of the District, shall be without recourse to the District, shall not be a pledge of, and shall not involve, the faith and credit or the taxing power of the District, shall not constitute a debt of the District, and shall not constitute lending of the public credit for private undertakings as prohibited in section 602(a)(2) of the Home Rule Act [§ 1-206.02(a)(2)].

(c) The bonds shall be executed in the name of the District and on its behalf by the manual or facsimile signature of the Mayor. The Mayor’s execution and delivery of the bonds shall constitute conclusive evidence of the Mayor’s approval, on behalf of the District, of the final form and content of the bonds.

(d) The official seal of the District, or a facsimile of it, shall be impressed, printed, or otherwise reproduced on the bonds.

(e) The bonds may be issued in accordance with the terms of the trust instruments entered into by the District and one or more trustees to be selected by the Mayor, and may be subject to the terms of one or more agreements entered into by the Mayor pursuant to section 490(a)(4) of the Home Rule Act [§ 1-204.90(a)(4)].

(f) The bonds may be issued at any time or from time to time in 1 or more issues and in 1 or more series.