Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2853.10. Staffing and administration.

(a) The boards established by this subchapter shall be under the administrative control of the Mayor. The Mayor shall be responsible for:

(1) Promptly issuing and renewing licenses or certificates or registering those persons who meet the standards established by the boards for each regulated profession or occupation of this subchapter, except that where there is a question as to whether an applicant is qualified, that question shall be referred to the appropriate board for resolution. Upon resolution of the question, the Mayor shall promptly take such action as the board determines is appropriate;

(2) Planning, developing, and maintaining procedures to ensure that the boards receive administrative support, including staff and facilities, sufficient to enable them to perform their responsibilities;

(3) Providing investigative and inspection services to the boards;

(4) Arranging for hearings on cases pursuant to guidelines established in § 47-2853.22 when requested to do so by a board, and providing facilities and support personnel to enable the board to hold such hearings, record the proceedings, and issue the resulting opinion;

(5) Furnishing expert services in noncompliance cases brought in an administrative or court proceeding;

(6) Providing budgetary and personnel services;

(7) Maintaining central files of records pertaining to licensure, certification, registration, inspections, investigations, and other matters requested by the boards;

(8) Providing information to the public concerning regulatory requirements and procedures;

(9) Publishing and distributing forms and instructions describing regulatory requirements and procedures and other materials as requested by the boards;

(10) Assisting, supplying, furnishing, and performing other administrative, clerical, and technical support the Mayor determines is necessary or appropriate;

(11) Making necessary rules relating to the administrative procedures for the regulation of professions and occupations;

(12) Issuing all rules necessary to implement the provisions of this subchapter;

(13) Notifying persons or other jurisdictions of the status of a licensee or certificate holder as deemed appropriate by rule or District or federal law; and

(14) Notifying other jurisdictions of disciplinary action taken against a licensee or certificate holder as required by District or federal law.

(b) In carrying out the administrative responsibilities described in subsection (a) of this section, the Mayor may out-source, by contract in accordance with the procurement laws of the District, any function that can be more efficiently and effectively performed in that manner.

(c) The D.C. Office of Personnel shall set the compensation of support personnel of the boards in accordance with Chapter 6 of Title 1. The Chief Procurement Officer or his or her designee may enter into contracts for support services for the boards in accordance with Chapter 3 of Title 2.

(d) The Mayor shall establish fee schedules for all services related to the regulation of occupations and professions. At the time of application for initial licensing, certification or registration, and at the time of application for renewal or for reinstatement of inactive or lapsed licenses, certificates or registration, each applicant shall be notified of, and shall pay, all fees and costs required for licensure, certification, or registration for the occupation or profession. The fee for the regulation of each profession or occupation shall be reasonably related to the cost of administering the licensing, certification or registration, including the cost of testing, processing and issuing the license, certificate or registration, and a proportionate share of the cost of running the board and any hearing procedures and other administrative functions. Fees, whenever possible, shall be comparable to the fees charged in neighboring jurisdictions for a similar license or certification. Application fees paid under this section shall not be refundable, even if the applicant withdraws his or her application for licensure, certification or registration, or is found to be not qualified.

(e) Each board, before March 1 of each year, shall submit a report to the Mayor and the Council of its official acts during the preceding fiscal year.