Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2021. Appeals.

(a) Any person aggrieved by a final determination of tax or by a denial of a claim for refund (other than a refund of tax finally determined under § 47-2019) may, within 6 months from the date of final determination or from the date of the denial of a claim for refund appeal to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in the same manner and to the same extent as set forth in §§ 47-3303, 47-3304, 47-3306, 47-3307, and 47-3308.

(b) If it is determined by the Mayor or by the Superior Court that any part of any tax which was assessed as a deficiency, and any interest thereon paid by the taxpayer, was an overpayment, interest shall be allowed and paid on the overpayment of tax at the rate provided for in § 47-3310(c) per annum from the date the overpayment was paid until the date of refund.