Code of the District of Columbia

§ 46–251.07. Withholding for health insurance coverage.

(a) When an employer receives notice from a health insurer that a child has been enrolled in health insurance coverage pursuant to a medical support notice or a support order requiring a parent to provide health insurance coverage, the employer shall:

(1) Withhold from the employee’s earnings the employee contributions required to effectuate health insurance coverage for the child in each plan in which the child is enrolled;

(2) Send the amount withheld to the applicable health insurer within 7 business days after the date the amount would have been next paid or credited to the employee;

(3) Continue to withhold premiums for health insurance coverage from the employee’s earnings on a regular and consistent basis and pay the premiums to the health insurer; and

(4) Send each additional payment to the health insurer on the same date that the employee is compensated.

(b) Withholding for health insurance coverage shall not exceed the limitations set forth in § 303(b) of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, approved May 29, 1968 (82 Stat. 163; 15 U.S.C. § 1673(b)).

(c) Nothing in this subchapter shall alter the obligation of an obligor, obligee, employer, or other person or entity to comply with the provisions for the withholding of earnings or other income stated in subchapter I of Chapter 2 of this title.