Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–951.06. Powers of the Corporation.

The Corporation shall have the power to:

(1) Sue and be sued in its corporate name;

(2) Adopt a corporate seal and alter the seal at its pleasure;

(3) Adopt, amend, and repeal bylaws governing the manner in which it may conduct business and how the powers vested in it may be exercised;

(4) Borrow money for any of its corporate purposes pursuant to § 44-951.05 and as may be permitted under Chapter 2 of Title 1, and other laws of the District; provided, that the Corporation’s debts shall not be subject to and shall not be backed by the full faith and credit of the District of Columbia;

(5) Provide for the payment of obligations as may be permitted under Chapter 2 of Title 1 and other laws of the District;

(6) Establish polices for contracting and procurement that are consistent with the principles of competitive procurement and, subject to District law, make and execute contracts, leases, and all other agreements or instruments necessary and appropriate for the exercise of its powers and the fulfillment of its corporate purposes;

(7) Subject to Council approval by resolution, acquire, construct, and dispose of real or personal property of every kind, including a health-care facility or an interest in a health-care facility for its corporate purposes;

(8) Operate, manage, superintend, maintain, repair, equip, and control a health-care facility under its jurisdiction, including seeking all necessary licenses, certifications, or other permits and establishing and collecting fees, rentals, or other charges, including reimbursement allowances for the sale, lease, or sublease of any health-care facility;

(9) Provide health and medical services to the public directly or by agreement with a person, firm, or private or public corporation or association;

(10) Establish policies governing admissions and health and medical services and fees and other charges, including reimbursement allowances for providing health and medical services;

(11) Provide and maintain resident physician and intern medical services, as appropriate, and sponsor and conduct research, development, planning, evaluation, educational, and training programs, as appropriate;

(12) Provide additional services and adopt a schedule of appropriate charges for additional services consistent with its corporate purposes;

(13) Employ officers, executives, and management personnel who may formulate or participate in the formulation of the plans, policies, and standards or who may administer, manage, or operate the Corporation, fix their qualifications, and prescribe their duties and other terms of employment, compensation, and benefits; except, that such personnel shall be excluded from collective bargaining representation and employ other personnel as may be necessary;

(14) Subject to the requirements of §§ 1-329.01 and 1-204.46b, apply for and receive donations, gifts, grants of money, real and personal property, services, or other aid;

(14A) Issue grants to promote healthcare programs, policies, and awareness;

(15) Maintain or purchase insurance, including errors and omissions insurance, for the Board and officers of the Corporation, or obtain indemnification against losses or liabilities of the Corporation;

(16) Enter into agreements with another organization, public or private, for goods and services as needed for its corporate purposes;

(17) Request and recommend that the Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia invest the Corporation’s funds and make recommendations to the Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia how to administer funds;

(18) Retain or employ auditors, engineers, and private consultants by contract for rendering professional, management, or technical services and advice;

(19) Subject to District law, engage in a joint venture and participate in a network, alliance, consortium pool, or other cooperative arrangement with a public or private entity; and

(20) Do any and all things necessary and proper to carry out its corporate purposes.