Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–408. Activities subject to expedited administrative certificate of need reviews.

(a) Proposals for major medical equipment and new institutional health services for which there is an explicit finding of need in the HSP shall be eligible for expedited administrative review without referral to the SHCC, in accordance with rules promulgated pursuant to § 44-421.

(b) Any persons proposing projects subject to expedited administrative review shall file an application with the SHPDA in accordance with rules promulgated pursuant to section 22, provided that the HSP upon which the need is assessed is no more than 3 years old. If the HSP is more than 5 years old, such proposals shall be subject to standard certificate of need review.

(c) Administrative review decisions shall initially be made the SHPDA staff and shall be appealable to the Director of the SHPDA. The decision by the Director is the final decision of the SHPDA and is subject to appeal to the Board of Appeals and review in accordance with § 44-421.