Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–1206. Substance abuse prevention campaign.

(a) The Mayor shall establish and implement a public education campaign intended to prevent substance abuse.

(b) The public education campaign shall incorporate, at a minimum, the following:

(1) The dissemination of statistics and other information that illustrate the dangers of drug use and alcohol abuse;

(2) The dissemination of information about the symptoms of substance abuse and dependence;

(3) The dissemination of information about methods to treat substance abuse and the availability and cost of treatment facilities in the District;

(4) The dissemination of literature designed for different age groups and levels of education published by the District government for distribution on a regular basis at public places deemed appropriate by the Mayor;

(5) A series of print, audio, and audiovisual substance abuse education messages to be provided on a continuing basis to all newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, and other mass communications media in the District for use as public service announcements or advertisements;

(6) Community forums offered by the District government in conjunction with professional organizations, community organizations, or individual volunteers to be conducted on a regular basis at schools, recreation centers, civic and community centers, and other similar facilities; and

(7) A speaker’s bureau of qualified personnel available to speak, lead discussions, and present written or audiovisual material at school and community programs.

(c) All print, audio, and audiovisual material distributed in conjunction with the public education campaign shall include the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of appropriate treatment facilities in the District.

(d) The Mayor shall implement the public education campaign in a manner that promotes the coordination of efforts by participating agencies and the District of Columbia Public Schools.