Code of the District of Columbia

§ 44–1003.04. Discussion and counseling.

Before a resident is voluntarily or involuntarily discharged, transferred to another facility, or relocated within a facility, a facility representative shall discuss the reasons for the move with the resident and his or her representative and shall answer any questions they must have about the move or the written notice they received pursuant to § 44-1003.02(a). The contents of this discussion shall be summarized in writing, include the names of the individuals involved in the discussion, and be made a part of the resident’s clinical record. In addition, the facility representative shall strongly recommend and offer to provide counseling services to the resident and his or her representative before the move. If the resident has requested a hearing pursuant to § 44-1003.03(a), facility staff shall attempt to prepare the resident for the possibility of having to move on 3-day (for an intra-facility relocation) or 5-day (for a discharge or transfer to another facility) notice should the hearing decision not be in his or her favor.