Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–818. Commission to mortgagee or trustee; rates; when advertised sale not held.

(a) Among the lawful expenses of a sale under a mortgage or deed of trust is to be allowed a commission on the proceeds of sale to the mortgagee or trustee. Where the mortgage or deed of trust does not fix the rate of commission the mortgagee or trustee shall be allowed a commission of 5% on the first $500 and 3% on the balance of the purchase money actually paid by the purchaser at any sale, and 1/2% on the amount of the purchase money not paid into the hands of the mortgagee or trustee, but credited on the debt, when the creditor becomes a purchaser.

(b) When the property is lawfully advertised for sale under a mortgage or deed of trust, and the sale is prevented by payment of the debt or is suspended or postponed by arrangement between the parties interested, the trustee shall be entitled to a commission of 1% on the amount of the debt secured in addition to the expenses incurred by him, and he shall be entitled to such allowance as often as such advertisement shall be made necessary by the default of the debtor; provided, that if a sale shall actually take place under any such advertisement, he shall not be entitled to more than 1 such allowance in addition to his commission on the proceeds of an actual sale.