Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3502.23. Addition to Comprehensive Housing Strategy report.

The Mayor shall include in the reports to the Council pursuant to § 6-1054, analyses of the need, means, and methods of further assisting income qualified elderly tenants, tenants with disabilities, teachers of the District of Columbia Public Schools or a District of Columbia Public Charter School, and low-income tenants to pay their rent. The report shall consider:

(1) The income and any other criteria that shall be used to determine which tenants qualify for the program;

(2) The rent that qualified households shall pay;

(3) The number and the allocation of units to be included in any set-aside;

(4) The extent to which the program should incorporate any District affordable housing program and any federal affordable housing program available in the District;

(5) The reporting requirements which should be imposed on housing providers subject to this subchapter and on qualified tenants to ensure that the program is effective.