Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3404.13. Notice to convert; offer to sell.

(a) Every tenant of a housing accommodation which the declarant seeks to convert from a rental basis to a cooperative shall be notified in writing of the declarant’s intent to convert the housing accommodation to a cooperative not less than 120 days before the conversion thereof. The declarant shall also make to each tenant of the housing accommodation a bona fide offer to sell such tenant such shares or membership interest in the cooperative as will enable the tenant to continue to reside in his or her unit after conversion. The offer shall include, but not be limited to, the asking price for the shares or membership interest and a statement of the tenant’s rights to provide such shares or membership interest under the provisions of this section. The tenant shall be afforded not less than 60 days in which to contract with the landlord for the purchase of the shares or membership interest at a mutually agreeable price and under mutually agreeable terms, which shall be at least as favorable as those offered to the general public.

(b) Repealed.