Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3404.08. Right of first refusal.

In addition to any and all other rights specified in this subchapter, a tenant or tenant organization shall also have the right of first refusal during the 15 days after the tenant or tenant organization has received from the owner a valid sales contract to purchase by a third party. If the contract is received during the negotiation period pursuant to § 42-3404.09(c)(4), § 42-3404.10(2), or § 42-3404.11(2), the 15-day period will begin to run at the end of the negotiation period. In exercising rights pursuant to this section, all rights specified in this subchapter shall apply except the minimum negotiation periods specified in §§ 42-3404.09(c)(4), 42-3404.10(2), and 42-3404.11(2).