Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3402.02. Conversions.

(a) Prerequisite. —

(1) An owner shall not convert a housing accommodation into a condominium or a cooperative until the Mayor certifies compliance with the provisions of this chapter.

(2) Only an owner may request a tenant election to convert, send notice of intent to convert, or convert an accommodation. Certification of a conversion by the Mayor is not transferable to a subsequent owner. An owner who has issued a notice to vacate for the immediate purpose of discontinuing the housing use and occupancy of a rental unit pursuant to § 42-3505.01(i)(1)(A), or a purchaser from such owner or successor in interest to such owner, may not request a tenant election to convert the housing accommodation in which the rental units are located.

(3) Certification by the Mayor is effective for 180 days; provided, that the Mayor shall extend the certification if a majority of the qualified voters consent. If the owner receives certification by the Mayor and does not convert within this period, the owner may not request another tenant election or certification by the Mayor for that accommodation for 1 year from the date of expiration of the prior certification.

(4) Once converted or established as a condominium or cooperative in a newly constructed building, the owner need not comply anew with the requirements of this chapter even if the condominium units or cooperative units have been occupied by tenants partially or exclusively, provided that each tenant has been given written notice, prior to occupying the unit, of the fact that the unit being rented is part of a condominium or cooperative or each tenant who was not given notice waives the right in writing before or after occupancy or vacating the unit.

(b) Exemption. — With the Mayor’s approval, owners who certify their intent to convert a housing accommodation to a nonprofit cooperative, with an appreciation of share value limited to a maximum of the annual rate of inflation, for low and moderate income persons as defined from time to time by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Washington Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA) may be exempt from this subchapter. “Share value”, for the purposes of this subsection, means the actual initial membership price plus the actual cost of any improvement to the unit paid by the member after board approval. Upon application, the Mayor may exempt owners described in this subsection prior to their taking title to the accommodations, provided that they have a valid contract to purchase the accommodation. The Mayor may exempt the owner from some or all the provisions of this subchapter.