Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3231. Grants of remainders, reversions, and rents good without attornment; payment of rent to grantor without notice valid.

All grants or conveyances of any manors or rents, or of the reversion or remainder of any messuages or lands, shall be good and effectual, to all intents and purposes, without any attornment of the tenants of any such manors, or of the land out of which rent shall be issuing, or of the particular tenants upon whose particular estates any such reversions or remainders shall and may be expectant or depending, as if their attornment had been had and made; provided, nevertheless, that no such tenant shall be prejudiced or damaged by payment of any rent to any such grantor or conusor, or by breach of any condition for nonpayment of rent, before notice shall be given to him of such grant by the conusee or grantee.