Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–3216. Landlord’s lien for rent — Property subject to lien not to be executed on by another without payment of rent due; when rent in arrears exceeds 3 months.

No goods or chattels whatsoever, lying or being in or upon any messuage, lands, or tenements, which are or shall be leased for life or lives, term of years, at will, or otherwise, shall be liable to be taken by virtue of any execution on any pretence whatsoever, unless the party at whose suit the said execution is sued out, shall before the removal of such goods from off the said premises, by virtue of such execution or extent, pay to the landlord of the said premises, or his bailiff, all such sum or sums of money as are or shall be due for rent for the said premises at the time of the taking such goods or chattels by virtue of such execution; provided, the said arrears of rent do not amount to more than 3 months rent, and in case the said arrears shall exceed 3 months rent, then the said party, at whose suit such execution is sued out, paying the said landlord, or his bailiff, 3 months rent, may proceed to execute his judgment as he might have done before the making of this section; and the marshal is hereby empowered and required to levy and pay to the plaintiff as well the money so paid for rent, as the execution money.