Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–2704.02. Issuance of bonds and notes; renewals and refunds; deemed obligations of Agency; negotiable instruments; director, employer, or agent not personally liable.

(a) Borrowing authority. — The Agency may, by resolution, authorize the issuance of bonds and notes or other obligations (“bonds or notes”) for undertakings authorized by this chapter. In addition, the Agency may issue notes to renew notes and bonds to pay notes, including, the interest thereon. Whenever expedient, the Agency may refund bonds, including bonds previously issued by other than the Agency, by the issuance of new bonds, regardless of whether the bonds to be refunded have matured. The Agency is the successor to any and all District of Columbia Section 11(b) bond issuing authority. The Agency may also issue bonds for a combination of refund, renewal, and financing programs authorized by this chapter.

(b) Obligations of the Agency. — Except as expressly provided otherwise by the Agency, bonds and notes of the Agency are obligations payable solely from revenues derived from the respective housing projects which such obligations are issued to finance, provided that bonds and notes of the Agency issued, in whole or in part, for the purpose of enabling the Agency to make State and Local Government Loans are obligations payable solely, to the extent issued for such purpose, from revenues derived from repayment of State and Local Government Loans made from proceeds of such bonds and notes. The Agency may expressly provide additional security by pledge or contribution from any source in accordance with § 1-204.71.

(c) Negotiable instruments. — Regardless of their form or character, bonds and notes of the Agency are negotiable instruments for all purposes of the Uniform Commercial Code of the District of Columbia (§ 28:1-101 et seq.), subject only to the provisions of the bonds and notes for registration.

(d) No personal liability. — No director, employee or agent of the Agency is personally liable solely because a bond, note or other obligation is issued. The Agency shall indemnify any person who shall have served as a commissioner, officer, or employee of the Agency against financial loss or litigation expense arising out of or in connection with any claim or suit involving allegations that pecuniary harm has been sustained as a result of any transaction authorized by this chapter, unless such person is found by a final judicial determination not to have acted in good faith and for a purpose which he reasonably believed to be lawful and in the best interest of the Agency.

(e) Compliance required. — The issuance and performance of bonds, notes, and other obligations by the Agency as contemplated in this chapter and the adoption of resolutions authorizing such bonds, notes, and other obligations shall be done in compliance with the requirements of this chapter, but shall not be subject to Chapter 5 of Title 2 and, except as otherwise provided in the chapter, shall not be required to comply with the requirements of any legislation passed by the Council. No notice (except as provided in this section), proceeding, consent, or approval shall be required for the issuance or performance of any bond, note, or other obligation of the Agency or the execution of any instrument relating thereto or to the security therefor, except as provided in this chapter or in rules and regulations promulgated by the Agency. Notice of the adoption of a bond resolution shall be given to the Mayor and the Council before the adoption of such resolution.