Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–2702.06. Delegation of Council authority to issue revenue bonds, notes and other obligations for Agency undertakings.

The Council delegates to the Agency the authority of the Council under § 1-204.90 to issue revenue bonds, notes and other obligations to borrow money to finance or assist in the financing of undertakings authorized by this chapter. An undertaking financed or assisted by the Agency shall constitute an undertaking in the area of primarily low and moderate income housing if the housing project or homeownership program complies with the income restriction, rent limitations, tenant income mixtures and other restrictions as established by the Internal Revenue Service, or the Department of Housing and Urban Development as applicable under the plan of financing determined by the Agency at the time it approves the undertaking for financing or assistance, or State or Local Government Loans or supportive programs that generate revenues which benefit programs authorized under this chapter.