Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–2702.03. Executive Director; powers and duties; service as Secretary of Board; other necessary employees; rights and privileges thereof.

(a) The Board of Directors shall appoint an Executive Director who shall be an employee of the Agency, but who shall not be a member of the Board, and who shall serve at the pleasure of the Board and receive such compensation as shall be fixed by the Board. The Executive Director shall be appointed by the Board with the advice and consent of the Council. The Executive Director shall administer, manage and direct the affairs and activities of the Agency in accordance with the policies, control and direction of the Board. The Executive Director shall approve all accounts for salaries, allowable expenses of the Agency or of any employee or consultant thereof, and expenses incidental to the operation of the Agency. He shall perform such other duties as may be directed by the Board in carrying out the purposes of this chapter.

(a-1) The Executive Director shall be a District resident throughout his or her term and failure to maintain District residency shall result in a forfeiture of the position.

(b) The Executive Director shall be Secretary to the Board. He shall attend the meetings of the Board, shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Board, and shall maintain and be custodian of all books, documents and papers filed with the Board, of the minutes book or journal of the Board and of its official seal.

(c)(1) The Executive Director may employ on a permanent or temporary basis such employees, including, but not limited to, technical advisors, financial advisors, accountants, legal counsel, appraisers, underwriters, and such other officers, agents and employees deemed necessary to operate the Agency efficiently, and shall determine their qualifications, duties, and compensation.

(2)(A)(i) Notwithstanding the provisions of Unit A of Chapter 14 of Title 2, the Agency shall use a ranking system based on a scale of 100 points for all employment decisions for positions within the Agency.

(ii) An individual who is a District resident at the time of application shall be awarded a 10-point hiring preference over a nonresident applicant; provided, that the individual claims the preference. This 10-point preference shall be in addition to any points awarded on the 100-point scale.

(iii) At the time of appointment, an individual who claimed the 10-point residency preference shall agree, in writing, to maintain District residency for a period of 7 consecutive years from the effective date of appointment into the position for which the individual claimed the residency preference and shall provide proof of residency annually to the Director of Personnel for the first 7 years of employment.

(iv) An individual who claimed the residency preference and who fails to maintain District residency for 7 consecutive years from the individual's effective date of appointment shall forfeit the individual's District government employment.

(v) Each applicant for a position covered by this subparagraph shall be informed in writing of the provisions of this subparagraph at the time of application.

(B) All persons hired after February 6, 2008 shall submit 8 proofs of residency upon employment in a manner determined by the Board of Directors.

(C) By November 1 of each year and pursuant to § 1-515.06, the Agency shall submit to the Mayor an annual report detailing, for the previous fiscal year, compliance with residency requirements.