Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–2401. Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, the term:

(1) “Disbursement of loan funds” means the delivery of loan funds by a lender to a settlement agent in the form of:

(A) Cash;

(B) Wired funds;

(C) Certified checks;

(D) Checks issued by the District of Columbia;

(E) Cashier’s check or teller’s check; or

(F) Checks drawn on a financial institution the accounts of which are insured by an agency of the federal, a state, or the District of Columbia government, and are located within the Fifth Federal Reserve District.

(2) “Disbursement of settlement proceeds” means the payment of all proceeds of a transaction by a settlement agent to the persons entitled to receive the proceeds.

(3) “Lender” means any person regularly engaged in making loans secured by mortgages or by deeds of trust on real estate.

(4) “Loan closing” means that time agreed upon by a borrower and a lender when the execution of the loan documents by the borrower occurs.

(5) “Loan documents” means a note evidencing a debt due a lender, a deed of trust or a mortgage securing a debt due a lender, and any other documents required by a lender to be executed by a borrower as part of a transaction.

(6) “Loan funds” means the gross or net proceeds of the loan to be disbursed by a lender at loan closing.

(7) “Parties” means a seller, a purchaser, a borrower, a lender, and a settlement agent.

(8) “Settlement” means the time when the settlement agent has received a duly executed deed, loan funds, loan documents, and other documents and certified funds required to carry out the terms of a contract between the parties, and the settlement agent can reasonably determine that prerecordation conditions of the contract have been satisfied.

(9) “Settlement agent” means a person responsible for conducting a settlement and disbursement of the settlement proceeds.