Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–2102. Purpose.

In enacting this chapter, the Council supports the following statutory purposes:

(1) To provide decent and affordable rental opportunities for low-income persons and homeownership opportunities to low-and moderate-income persons;

(2) To enable organized groups of low-and moderate-income persons to obtain skills to repair, maintain, and manage residential property;

(3) To afford highly-motivated low-and moderate-income persons the opportunity to participate fully in the production of their own decent and affordable homes;

(4) To facilitate community development that would create jobs for low and moderate income District of Columbia residents, as well as enhance the quality of life in residential areas by establishing businesses and other community services designed to meet the needs of the neighborhood;

(5) To provide nonprofit organizations and developers the opportunity to purchase property in the program in exchange for providing needed community service to District residents; and

(6) To strengthen neighborhoods by returning blighted, vacant, and neglected properties to productive use.