Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–1902.17. Conversion of convertible lands; recordation of appropriate instruments; character of convertible land; tax liability; time limitation on conversion.

(a) The declarant may convert all or any portion of any convertible land into 1 or more units or common elements, or both, subject to any restrictions and limitations which the condominium instruments may specify. Any such conversion shall be deemed to have occurred at the time of the recordation of appropriate instruments pursuant to subsection (b) of this section and § 42-1902.14(c).

(b) The declarant shall prepare, execute, and record an amendment to the declaration describing the conversion. Such amendment shall assign an identifying number to each unit formed out of a convertible land and shall reallocate undivided interests in the common elements in accordance with § 42-1902.12(b). Such amendment shall describe or delineate the limited common elements formed out of the convertible land, showing or designating the unit or units to which each is assigned.

(c) All convertible lands shall be deemed a part of the common elements except for such portions thereof as are converted in accordance with the provisions of this section. Until the expiration of the period during which conversion may occur or until actual conversion, whichever occurs first, real estate taxes shall be assessed against the declarant rather than the unit owners as to both the convertible land and any improvements thereon. No such conversion shall occur after 5 years from the recordation of the declaration, or such shorter period of time as the declaration may specify.