Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–1902.06. Construction of terms in instruments; designation of unit boundaries; division of property within and without unit boundary; common element serving single unit.

Except to the extent otherwise provided by the condominium instruments:

(1) The terms defined in § 42-1901.02 shall be deemed to have the meanings therein specified wherever they appear in the condominium instruments unless the context otherwise requires;

(2) To the extent that walls, floors, or ceilings are designated as the boundaries of the units or of any specified units, all doors and windows therein, and all lath, wallboard, plastering, and any other materials constituting any part of the finished surfaces thereof, shall be deemed a part of such units, while all other portions of such walls, floors, or ceilings shall be deemed a part of the common elements;

(3) If any chutes, flues, ducts, conduits, wires, bearing walls, bearing columns, or any other apparatus lies partially within and partially outside of the designated boundaries of a unit, any portions thereof serving only that unit shall be deemed a part of that unit, while any portions thereof serving more than 1 unit or any portion of the common elements shall be deemed a part of the common elements;

(4) Subject to the provisions of paragraph (3) of this section, all space, interior partitions, and other fixtures and improvements within the boundaries of a unit shall be deemed a part of that unit; and

(5) Any shutters, awnings, window boxes, doorsteps, porches, balconies, patios, and any other apparatus designed to serve a single unit, but located outside the boundaries thereof, shall be deemed a limited common element appertaining to that unit exclusively.