Code of the District of Columbia

§ 42–1404. Sale of limited estate and future interest generally; court decree; binding effect thereof.

Wherever 1 or more persons shall be entitled to an estate for life or years, or a base or qualified fee simple, or any other limited or conditional estate in lands, and any other person or persons shall be entitled to a remainder or remainders, vested or contingent, or an interest by way of executory devise in the same lands, on application of any of the parties in interest the court may, if all the parties in being are made parties to the proceeding, decree a sale or lease of the property, if it shall appear to be to the interest of all concerned, and shall direct the investment of the proceeds so as to inure in like manner as provided by the original grant to the use of the same parties who would be entitled to the land sold or leased; and all such decrees, if all the persons are parties who would be entitled if the contingency had happened at the date of the decree, shall bind all persons, whether in being or not, who claim or may claim any interest in said land under any of the parties to said decree, or under any person from whom any of the parties to such decree claim, or from or under or by the original deed or will by which such particular, limited, or conditional estate, with remainders or executory devises, were created.