Code of the District of Columbia

§ 41–302. General provisions.

(a) Only property designated as forfeitable pursuant to a forfeitable offense shall be subject to forfeiture and may be forfeited only in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Property that is contained within property subject to forfeiture does not automatically render that property subject to forfeiture.

(b) No property shall be subject to forfeiture by reason of an act or omission committed or omitted without the actual knowledge and consent of the owner, unless the owner was willfully blind to the knowledge of the act or omission.

(c) Except as provided in § 41-308, a conviction of a forfeitable offense shall not be required for the purpose of establishing that property is subject to forfeiture under this chapter.

(d) Property seized as evidence in a criminal case shall not be subject to this chapter while subject to evidentiary hold in a criminal case.