Code of the District of Columbia

§ 41–159.04. When Administrator must honor claim for property.

(a) The Administrator shall pay or deliver property to a claimant under § 41-159.03(a) if the Administrator receives evidence sufficient to establish to the satisfaction of the Administrator that the claimant is the owner of the property.

(b) Not later than 90 days after a claim is filed under § 41-159.03(a), the Administrator shall allow or deny the claim and give the claimant notice in a record of the decision.

(c) If the claim is denied under subsection (b) of this section:

(1) The Administrator shall inform the claimant of the reason for the denial and specify what additional evidence, if any, is required for the claim to be allowed;

(2) The claimant may file an amended claim with the Administrator or commence an action under § 41-159.06; and

(3) The Administrator shall consider an amended claim filed under paragraph (2) of this subsection as an initial claim.

(d) If the Administrator does not take action on a claim during the 90-day period following the filing of a claim under § 41-159.03(a), the claim is deemed denied.