Code of the District of Columbia

§ 41–154.04. Retention of records by holder.

A holder required to file a report under § 41-154.01 shall retain records for 10 years after the later of the date the report was filed or the last date a timely report was due to be filed, unless a shorter period is provided by rule of the Administrator. The holder may satisfy the requirement to retain records under this section through an agent. The records shall contain:

(1) The information required to be included in the report;

(2) The date, place, and nature of the circumstances that gave rise to the property right;

(3) The amount or value of the property;

(4) The last address of the apparent owner, if known to the holder; and

(5) If the holder sells, issues, or provides to others for sale or issue in the District traveler's checks, money orders, or similar instruments, other than third-party bank checks, on which the holder is directly liable, a record of the instruments while they remain outstanding indicating the state and date of issue.