Code of the District of Columbia

§ 41–154.02. Content of report.

(a) The report required under § 41-154.01 shall:

(1) Be signed by or on behalf of the holder and verified as to its completeness and accuracy;

(2) If filed electronically, be in a secure format approved by the Administrator that protects confidential information of the apparent owner in the same manner as required of the Administrator and the Administrator's agent under subchapter XIV of this chapter;

(3) Describe the property;

(4) Except for a traveler's check, money order, or similar instrument, contain the name, if known, last-known address, if known, and Social Security number or taxpayer identification number, if known or readily ascertainable, of the apparent owner of property with a value of $50 or more;

(5) For an amount held or owing under a life or endowment insurance policy or annuity contract, contain the name and last-known address of the insured, annuitant or other apparent owner of the policy or contract and of the beneficiary;

(6) For property held in or removed from a safe-deposit box, indicate the location of the property, where it may be inspected by the Administrator, and any amounts owed to the holder under § 41-156.06;

(7) Contain the commencement date for determining abandonment under subchapter II of this chapter;

(8) State that the holder has complied with the notice requirements of § 41-155.01;

(9) Identify property that is a non-freely transferable security and explain why it is a non-freely transferable security; and

(10) Contain other information the Administrator prescribes by rules.

(b) A report under § 41-154.01 may include personal information as defined in § 41-164.01(a) about the apparent owner or the apparent owner's property to the extent not otherwise prohibited by federal law.

(c) If a holder has changed its name while holding property presumed abandoned or is a successor to another person that previously held the property for the apparent owner, the holder shall include in the report under § 41-154.01 its former name or the name of the previous holder, if any, and the known name and address of each previous holder of the property.