Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–681.05(Perm). Enrollment in the CTF Program; denial.

(a)(1) Enrollment in the CTF Program shall be automatic. Beginning within 60 days after October 1, 2021, the Chief Financial Officer shall obtain from the agencies the information required by paragraph (2) of this subsection and issue rules pursuant to Chapter 6D of Title 4.

(2) The information obtained shall include the full name, social security number, place of birth, annual income, and residential address of the child's parent and the birth date of the child.

(b)(1) Following receipt of the information provided pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, verification by the Chief Financial Officer pursuant to § 4-681.03(b) that the child's household is an applicable family household, and, upon finding that the child is an eligible child, as defined in § 4-681.01(8), the Chief Financial Officer shall enroll the eligible child in the CTF Program and within 30 days of the enrollment make the required deposit into the Fund.

(2) The Chief Financial Officer shall send written notification to the parent informing the parent of the child's enrollment in the CTF Program.