Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–561.09. MPD reporting requirements.

(a) The Chief of Police shall prepare, on an annual basis, a report on the MPD’s response to sexual assault reports. The report shall include, at a minimum:

(1) The number of sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults reported, identified by penal code classification;

(2) The outcome of each reported sexual assault, identified by:

(A) How many reports were unfounded;

(B) How many reports were cleared, including how many cleared cases led to an arrest; and

(C) How many reports were closed by the MPD, identified by the type of exception such as victim declines participation, suspect prosecuted in another jurisdiction, case rejected by the prosecutor, or similar explanations;

(3) The number of:

(A) Arrest warrants issued, by classification of crime, and arrests; and

(B) Cases referred to prosecuting attorneys and, to the extent the information is available to the MPD, cases declined for prosecution by the prosecutor, cases declined for prosecution by the grand jury, prosecutions, and other law enforcement actions taken as a result of investigations into sexual assault reports;

(4) The recommendations received from the Case Review Subcommittee and the measures the MPD has taken, if any, to address those recommendations;

(5) The number and type of complaints filed against MPD officers or detectives regarding their handling of sexual assault reports and any actions taken by the MPD in response to those complaints; and

(6) The number of sexual assault victims who:

(A) Requested the results of their PERK; and

(B) Did not request the results of their PERK.

(b) The report prepared pursuant to subsection (a) of this section shall be transmitted to the Mayor and the Council by December 31 of each year and be made accessible to the public; provided, that the report shall protect the privacy and confidentiality of the sexual assault victims.