Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–402.01. Funding for day care provided by D.C. Public Schools.

(a) In Fiscal Year 2004, the Department may transfer no more than $6 million to the D.C. Public Schools for the purpose of funding an after-school day care program pursuant to a memorandum of understanding. The memorandum of understanding shall include the following program requirements:

(1) Participation in the program shall be based on TANF eligibility;

(2) Verification of family income shall be required before a child may be enrolled in the program;

(3) Priority shall be given to children of families actively participating in TANF;

(4) Additional slots shall be allocated on the sliding scale set forth in § 4-405(b); and

(5) Records documenting the costs of the program shall be maintained and provided to the Department on an annual basis, including:

(A) Verifiable data establishing the number of children enrolled by the program;

(B) Documentation that each enrolled child met the eligibility requirements for the program; and

(C) Reports documenting, for each month of operation, the funds expended in relation to service delivery.