Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–2002. Payment.

(a) By Fiscal Year 2025, the Mayor shall determine the reimbursement rate that the District will pay to direct care service providers for the provision of direct care services so that the reimbursement rate is sufficient to support direct care service provider payments to direct care professionals of a wage that, on average, is equal to at least the greater of either 117.6% of the District minimum wage pursuant to § 32-1003 or 117.6% of the District living wage pursuant to subchapter X-A of Chapter 2 of Title 2.

(b) In determining the reimbursement rate to be provided to an eligible direct care service provider under this section, the Mayor shall consider:

(1) If applicable, the then-current reimbursement rates paid by the District to direct care service providers under the District of Columbia Medicaid State Plan or waivers thereof;

(2) The total cost, including wages, that the direct care service provider incurred during the previous year in providing direct care services;

(3) The additional operating support that the direct care service provider may need to allow it to pay its direct care professionals in accordance with the requirements of this section; and

(4) Any other factor the Mayor considers relevant to the determination of the reimbursement rate.