Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–1501.05a. Assessment of information obtained from criminal background check.

(a) The information obtained from the criminal background check shall not create a disqualification or presumption against employment or volunteer status of the applicant unless the Mayor determines that the applicant poses a present danger to children or youth. In making this determination, the Mayor shall consider the following factors:

(1) The specific duties and responsibilities necessarily related to the employment sought;

(2) The bearing, if any, the criminal offense for which the person was previously convicted will have on his or her fitness or ability to perform one or more of such duties or responsibilities;

(3) The time which has elapsed since the occurrence of the criminal offense;

(4) The age of the person at the time of the occurrence of the criminal offense;

(5) The frequency and seriousness of the criminal offense;

(6) Any information produced by the person, or produced on his or her behalf, regarding his or her rehabilitation and good conduct since the occurrence of the criminal offense; and

(7) The public policy that it is beneficial generally for ex-offenders to obtain employment.

(b) The Mayor and covered child or youth services providers shall not employ or permit to serve as an unsupervised volunteer an applicant who has been convicted of, has pleaded nolo contendere to, is on probation before judgment or placement of a case on the stet docket because of, or has been found not guilty by reason of insanity for any sexual offenses involving a minor.

(c) If an application is denied because the applicant presents a present danger to children or youth, the Mayor shall inform the applicant in writing and the applicant may appeal the denial to the Commission on Human Rights within 30 days of the date of the written statement.