Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–1321.03. Nature and contents of reports.

(a) Each person required to make a report of a known or suspected neglected child shall:

(1) Immediately make an oral report of the case to the Child and Family Services Agency or the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia; and

(2) Make a written report of the case if requested by said Division or Police or if the abuse involves drug-related activity.

(b) The report shall include, but need not be limited to, the following information if it is known to the person making the report:

(1) The name, age, sex, and address of the following individuals:

(A) The child who is the subject of the report;

(B) Each of the child’s siblings and other children in the household; and

(C) Each of the child’s parents or other persons responsible for the child’s care;

(2) The nature and extent of the abuse or neglect of the child and any previous abuse or neglect, if known;

(3) All other information which the person making the report believes may be helpful in establishing the cause of the abuse or neglect and the identity of the person responsible for the abuse or neglect; and

(4) If the source was required to report under this subchapter, the identity and occupation of the source, how to contact the source and a statement of the actions taken by the source concerning the child.