Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–1303.53. Panel procedures; meetings; staff support.

(a)(1) A quorum shall consist of 8 members and the Panel shall develop written bylaws, with the approval of a majority of Panel members, to establish other procedural requirements it considers necessary, including the designation of additional officers.

(2) The Panel may establish such committees as it considers necessary, according to rules set forth in the bylaws.

(3) The Panel may establish written protocols to guide its work in evaluating the policies, practices, procedures, and performance of the child welfare system.

(b)(1) The Panel shall meet not less than once every 3 months, in appropriate meeting space provided by the Agency, at no cost.

(2) Panel meetings shall be open to the public, except that the Panel shall meet in closed session when it is reviewing specific child cases.

(3) Any resolution, rule, act, regulation, or other official action is effective only if it is taken, made, or enacted at an open meeting as defined in § 1-207.42.

(c)(1) The Panel shall receive staff support from one or more employees of the Agency, as designated by the Director of the Agency.

(2) The Agency shall include in its annual performance-based budget submission to the Mayor and Council, beginning in Fiscal Year 2007, an activity-level line item for the Panel, which will include personal services and non-personal services funding.