Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–1303.04. Services authorized; custodial placement; removal of child.

(a) Repealed.

(b) When an investigation indicates that a child has been left alone or with inadequate supervision, the Agency is authorized to make a temporary custodial placement of the child; provided, that:

(1) Notice is left for the parent or custodian which shall state the procedure for reclaiming the child;

(2) Efforts continue to locate the parent;

(3) The child is returned forthwith upon the request of the parent or custodian, unless there is additional evidence of immediate danger to the child and police action is taken pursuant to § 16-2309(3) or (4); and

(4) A complaint alleging neglect is filed with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia:

(A) At the end of 5 days if the parent or custodian fails to claim the child within that time; or

(B) Immediately upon the discovery of additional evidence of immediate danger to the child.

(c) When an investigation made pursuant to § 4-1301.04 or § 4-1301.05 indicates that a child is an abused or a neglected child and when it has been determined that the child cannot be adequately protected by any of the services set forth in § 4-1303.03(a)(7) or (b) of this section or by any other services, the Director of the Agency is authorized to:

(1) Remove the child with the consent of the parent, guardian, or other person acting in loco parentis;

(2) Request the Corporation Counsel of the District of Columbia to petition the Family Division of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for a finding of abuse or neglect and, where appropriate, the removal of the child; and

(3) Request the police to remove the child when the consent of a parent, guardian or other custodian cannot be obtained and the need to protect the child does not allow sufficient time to obtain a court order.