Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–1302.01. Duties and responsibilities.

(a) There is hereby established a Child Protection Register to be maintained by the Agency.

(b) The purposes of the Register are to:

(1) Maintain, in print or in a database, a confidential index of cases of abused and neglected children;

(2) Assist in the identification and treatment of abused and neglected children and their families; and

(3) Serve as a resource for the evaluation, management, and planning of programs and services for abused and neglected children.

(c) The staff of the Agency assigned to maintain the Child Protection Register shall maintain 24-hour, 7 day-a-week telephone lines which may be combined with the 24-hour intake components described part C of this subchapter.

(d) Said staff shall:

(1) Receive reports and information necessary for the operation of the Child Protection Register and make appropriate entries in such Register as required by § 4-1302.02(a); and

(2) Release information contained in the Child Protection Register in a manner consistent with this subchapter.

(e) The Mayor shall submit a report to the Council on the Agency’s plan for implementation of the provisions of this part, as amended by D.C. Law 14-206, no later than January 31, 2003.