Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–952.01. Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, the term:

(1) "Dating partner" means any person who is involved in a relationship with another person that is primarily characterized by social interaction of a sexual, romantic, or intimate nature, whether casual, serious, or long-term.

(2) "Dating violence" means abusive or coercive behavior where a dating partner uses threats of, or actually uses, physical, emotional, economic, technological, or sexual abuse to exert power or control over a current or former dating partner.

(3) "School" means a public, public charter, independent, private, or parochial school organized or authorized to operate under the laws of the District that offers instruction at any level or grade from pre-kindergarten through 12.

(4) "Sexual assault" means any of the following offenses: §§ 22-3002 (first degree sexual abuse); 22-3003 (second degree sexual abuse); 22-3004 (third degree sexual abuse); 22-3005 (fourth degree sexual abuse); 22-3006 (misdemeanor sexual abuse); or 22-3018(attempts to commit sexual offenses).

(5) "Sexual harassment" means any unwelcome or uninvited sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexually motivated physical conduct, stalking, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that can be reasonably predicted to:

(A) Place the victim in reasonable fear of physical harm to his or her person;

(B) Cause a substantial detrimental effect to the victim's physical or mental health;

(C) Substantially interfere with the victim's academic performance or attendance at school; or

(D) Substantially interfere with the victim's ability to participate in, or benefit from, the services, activities, or privileges provided by a school.