Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–841.03. Athletic equity reporting.

(a) Each applicable school shall report to the LEA annually by July 1 a statement of compliance with Title IX and submit the following information:

(1) The total enrollment in the school by gender, race, and ethnicity;

(2) The number of students participating in athletics by team and competition level and by gender, categorized by race or ethnicity, if available;

(3) The coach-to-athlete ratio for each team;

(4) The total number of athletic directors, athletic staff, coaches, trainers, and medical service providers, and for those identified, the following information, to be provided in aggregate by gender:

(A) Total compensation, separated by primary duties and athletic duties, if applicable, and race or ethnicity, if the information is available;

(B) Employment status, such as full-time, part-time, contract, or volunteer;

(C) Qualifications and experience, including relevant certifications and length of time in the current position grouped by number of years: through 5 years; more than 5 years through 10 years; and more than 10 years;

(5) The funding sources for athletic programs and amount by team, if available, including state and federal funding, fundraising, booster clubs, game and concession receipts, donations, grants, and other sources;

(6) The total annual expenditures by athletics team, including:

(A) Expenditures for travel;

(B) Expenditures for equipment, including any equipment replacement schedule;

(C) Expenditures for uniforms, including any uniform replacement schedule;

(D) Expenditures for construction, renovation, expansion, maintenance, repair and rental of athletic facilities, including medical facilities, locker rooms, fields, and gymnasiums;

(E) Publicity and marketing; and

(F) Awards, banquets, insurance, and any other expenses;

(7) The practice and competition schedule, including the days of the week, times, and locations where practices or competitions were scheduled;

(8) The season in which each team competed;

(9) Whether each team participated in post-season competition and the success of the team in any post-season competition;

(10) The nature and extent of training provided to athletic administrators, coaches, and other staff regarding the requirements of Title IX and strategies to promote gender equity in athletics;

(11) The availability of additional academic supports, including tutors, designed exclusively for or available exclusively to athletes;

(12) The conditions and locations of all athletic facilities and a listing of the teams that use each facility;

(13) The graduation rates and college and college athletic scholarship offer and acceptance rates of students by gender, race, and ethnicity; and

(14) For the initial submission under this section, the school year in which each existing team was established and, for each subsequent year, a listing of teams that were newly established, reestablished, eliminated, or demoted from competition during the school year.

(b) If the data reported shows that the allocation of resources, athletic participation opportunities, and benefits and services from interscholastic athletic programs for males and females is not substantially proportional to their respective enrollment numbers, or that the allocation is not substantially proportional within the genders by race and ethnicity, then the statement of compliance that accompanies the data described in subsection (a) of this section shall include an explanation of the disproportion, how it will be remedied, and the timeline for effectuating the remedy.

(c) Each LEA shall submit the assurance of compliance for each school under its control to DCSAA by August 1 annually. If an LEA fails to submit the assurance of compliance by the required date, the school shall complete an DCSAA-approved Title IX training. If a school fails to complete the DCSAA-approved Title IX training by October 1, the school shall be barred from competing in a new season for any District of Columbia State Athletic Association athletic event until the school both submits the required assurance of compliance and completes an DCSAA-approved Title IX training.

(d) DCSAA shall publish, annually within 90 days of August 1, a list of applicable schools that failed to submit the assurance of compliance. DCSAA shall publish the information submitted pursuant to subsections (a) and (b) of this section on its website and submit the information to the Council.