Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–785.05. Responsibilities of the Partnership.

(a) Upon creation of the Partnership, and every 5 years thereafter, the Advisory Committee, in consultation with the Partnership, shall establish a 5-year research agenda.

(b)(1) Upon the initiation of a research project, the Partnership shall inform the Advisory Committee and seek feedback.

(2) Following receipt of Advisory Committee feedback, the Partnership and the appropriate agency or LEA (or agencies or LEAs) shall enter into or update a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") for the research project, which shall address data collection, sharing, ownership, access, security, and confidentiality, consistent with the master research services agreement required in § 38-785.02.

(3) The Mayor and LEAs, as applicable, shall give the Partnership access to all available data needed for the research project.

(c)(1) During the early stages of analysis, the Partnership shall present its research project at an Advisory Committee meeting to obtain feedback. At each meeting of the Advisory Committee, the Partnership shall update the Advisory Committee on its current research projects and shall present any findings that the Partnership has found as a result of its research, including interim and final research findings.

(2) Prior to the release of research findings by the Partnership, the Partnership shall obtain feedback from the Advisory Committee on final research results in order to inform the public release of the findings to ensure that they are in a digestible and user-friendly format and to ensure relevance to educators, decision-makers, and the public.

(d)(1) The Partnership shall notify the Mayor, the Council, and the public if:

(A) An MOU on a research proposal cannot be agreed to within 4 months;

(B) The MOU materially affects the research proposal initially sought by the Partnership; or

(C) The Mayor, LEA, or other appropriate agency has not complied with an MOU.

(2)(A) The notice required under this subsection shall take the form of publication on the Partnership's website and letters to the Mayor and Council.

(B) When the MOU proposal is materially different from the research proposal initially sought by the Partnership, the notice shall include an explanation of those changes.

(e) The Partnership shall transmit a copy of each of its research reports to the Mayor and to the Council.

(f) The Partnership shall publish an annual report and submit a copy of the report to the Council. The report shall explain each research proposal for which an MOU could not be obtained or for which material changes were made by the MOU, and describe each instance in which the Mayor, LEA, or other appropriate agency did not comply with an MOU.

(g) The 5-year research agenda and final research reports of the Partnership are public documents and shall be posted on the Partnership's website.