Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–731.05. Duties of the Financial Literacy Council.

The Financial Literacy Council shall:

(1) Meet at least quarterly;

(2) Create and operate under its own rules of procedure;

(3) Develop a plan, to be submitted to the Mayor and the Council within 6 months after August 15, 2008, for the coordination of the District’s various financial literacy efforts;

(4) Submit to the Mayor and the Council an annual report and recommendations on the financial literacy status of the District, with the first report and recommendations to be delivered within 12 months of August 15, 2008;

(5) In the first report, the Council shall endeavor to address, among other issues, matters related to District residents’ recovery from foreclosure, bankruptcy, and consumer rights; and

(6) Submit to the Mayor and Council other reports and recommendations as it considers useful for the promotion of financial literacy in the District.