Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–601. Definitions.

For the purposes of this subchapter:

(1) “Adult student” and “minor student” mean those terms as they are defined in § 499 of the Board of Education Rules, effective July 29, 1977 (5 DCMR 2099).

(2) “Certified nurse practitioner” means a registered nurse who is licensed in the United States or its territories, has had postgraduate education and training in pediatrics, adolescent medicine, or the assessment and care of school-aged children, and is certified as a nurse practitioner by the American Nurses’ Association, the National Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Associates, or any other certifying organization acceptable to the Mayor.

(3) “District” means the District of Columbia.

(4) “Physician” means an individual who is licensed to practice medicine in the United States or its territories and has had postgraduate education or training in pediatrics or adolescent medicine.