Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–308. Establishment of residency.

(a) The residency status of each student enrolling in a DCPS school or public charter school funded by the District of Columbia or a student for whom educational services are paid by the District of Columbia shall be established by October 5, or within 10 days of the time of initial enrollment, whichever occurs later, within the school year for which the student is being enrolled. Residency status shall be re-established annually. Residency status shall be established through the use of satisfactory documentation as set forth in §§ 38-309 and 38-310. The State Education Office, pursuant to § 38-2604(b)(3), shall establish such rules and procedures to carry out residency verification as it deems appropriate and as are consistent with this chapter.

(b) For a student whose primary caregiver is not a parent, custodian or guardian, establishment of residency shall also include documentation that the District resident seeking to enroll the student is his or her primary caregiver, as set forth in § 38-310 and procedures established pursuant to § 38-311.