Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–2981. Turkey Bowl Revenue Generation and Sponsorship.

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Mayor may enter into one or more written agreements for advertisements and sponsorships to supplement local funding for the annual District of Columbia Interscholastic Athletic Association (“DCIAA”) Championship Turkey Bowl and other DCIAA athletic activities and programs. The Mayor may delegate this authority to the Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools (“DCPS”).

(b) The Chancellor of DCPS may sub-delegate, by written order, the authority to contract for advertisements or sponsorships to another official within DCPS.

(c) An agreement pursuant to this chapter shall not require the District to expend funds.

(d) Only advertisements shall be agreed to in exchange for corporate goods, services, or funds.

(e) There shall be no limit to the value of goods, services, or funds that may be received from an organization, registered or not, or from an individual, regardless of whether the organization is located, or the individual resides, within the District of Columbia.

(f) Any sponsorship or advertisement pursuant to this chapter shall be memorialized by written agreement of the parties.

(g) The Chief Financial Officer shall deposit all cash proceeds received from advertisements and sponsorships pursuant to this chapter to the credit of the District of Columbia Public Schools in the same manner as that used for donations under § 1-329.01.

(h) The Chancellor of DCPS shall keep an accounting of all goods, services, and funds received pursuant to this chapter.